Take a Trip To The Dark Side

Dead to Rights

I invite all of you to visit a very interesting blog called “Med School Hell,” the link for which you will find on the right. It is the diary of a disgruntled medical student who decided not pursue further training after medical school. I must warn you that his blog is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. Those of you who are not yet in medical school will find most of your cherished beliefs about medical education not just challenged but assaulted, bayoneted, and left to die a lingering death with their entrails cooking on the hot sand.

It is, in short, very well written, extremely entertaining, and as thoroughly subversive a manifesto as you will find anywhere. And it’s all true. Every line of it. There is nothing he mentions that I have not either experienced myself or witnessed on many occasions as it was inflicted on others.

I recommend his blog to all of you contemplating a medical career, not to discourage you but only so you know what to expect.