Guest Blogger: Mrs. Panda Bear

Party Night

(I’m going to start a new feature here on Panda Bear, MD. Many pre-meds, medical students, and residents are married and have families and I thought you might like a little perspective from the other half of the team. PB)

Our little panda bear cubs have a name for their daddy being on call. They call it PARTY NIGHT! In daddy’s absence, we all have so much fun putting on our one-piece fleecy jumpers, making popcorn and watching a children’s movie (currently Christmas movies). Provided there is no school the next day, the cubs usually stay up until 10:00 pm and we all get to sleep in late the next morning. Many times on “party night” I share our king sized bed with our three snuggly cubs and 3 dogs.

Sometimes my husband gets his feelings a little hurt when the cubs ask if daddy is going to be on call and squeal in delight when the answer is yes. Managing my husband’s fragile emotions and self esteem, I have to remind him that I am trying to make the best of a potentially miserable evening by creating a really fun time for the cubs and me.

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