More Housekeeping

Spam Posts

I tried it for a while but because of annoying spam posts I’m turning “word verification” back on. You’ll have to tak an extra step to post. Sorry. I really think spammers should get the death penalty but until such a time as they do we’re going to have to do what we can.


Don’t make me have to moderate comments. So far most of the negative posts have been either well reasoned (but wrong), amusing and witty (but wrong), or just so plain foam-at-the-mouth idiotic that they are a joy to read. Remember: good, bad, or indifferent I appreciate the time people take to read my blog, even if I don’t understand why people who hate it keep coming back. Still, if you want to keep squeezing lemon juice into your own paper cuts than that’s your business.

Good Manners

Let’s keep it relatively civil. I will usually delete posts that contain ad hominem attacks, excessive bad language, or an overtly political point of view. I haven’t, recently, because the latest set of rants has been so amusing. Criticism is always welcome and you have my pledge that I will never delete a post just because I don’t agree with its author. I reiterate that I draw the line at partisan politics. You can go to half a million websites and engage in toxic political debates to your heart’s content but I’m sick of it.


Be sure to sift through the archives. A lot of good stuff.

Humor Workshop

According to my hit counter, I am getting hits from all over the world. Apparently, there are countries out there where humor is either outlawed or does not exist. (We also have people in out own country who are completey devoid of humor, probably secondary to being able to open bottles with their rectums.) American humor is hard for some people to understand. I’m going to have a workshop on this shortly but in the meantime, if some of you from Eulopotamia feel your knee starting to jerk, before you fire off an indignant comment take a deep breath, re-read the post, and try to pretend that you were raised in a country where we don’t kiss the ass of our elected leaders, question authority as a religion, and don’t take everything so friggin’ seriously.