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Empty Suit

How’s that Hope and Change working for you?  Had enough?  Still grimly resisting that urge to scrape off the bumper sticker?  It’s all right.  Nobody likes to admit they were fooled even though it’s now painfully obvious that, like many of us warned you, The Sun King Ra-Obama is nothing more than an empty suit who if he is in fact filled with anything it’s the shopworn doctrinaire leftism that has been such a disaster for most of the planet and apparently needs to be tried again and again because…well…because the purpose of leftism is not to improve the human condition but to ensure, as Orwell warned, that a boot is stamping on the human face forever; in this case the boot is an over-reaching and out-of-control government intent on bludgeoning you into submission with a big brick of government cheese.  President Obama and his cabal of like-minded Barons in the House and Senate don’t want to help you, they want to solidify their own power, putting the boot in your face forever.  If they have to lay waste to democracy, free enterprise, initiative, personal responsibility and every other virtue that made America exceptional than so be it.

The sad thing is that you voted for the guy because you are a afraid; afraid to be an American and act like an American and have instead embraced the notion that the Mammary State will nestle you in it’s benevolant bosom if you only give up the liberty that is your birthright and accept the domination of an unelected, multi-tentacled bureaucracy in every part of your life. 

What the heck.   All you’re going to give up in exchange for never having to pay a dime for even the most routine medical care is the ability to be anything but a serf, a comfortable serf for now but the time is coming when the West, finally become nothing more than a crappy nursing home full of drooling, entitled imbeciles, producing nothing and standing for nothing; a civilization reduced to petulance and craven apologies for the cherished values that in distant times American boys stormed impregnable beaches to defend, will collapse from the overwhelming weight of its own folly and short-sightedness.

Then my friends, the World will burn.

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Let me get this straight:  The economy teetered on the edge last year when billions of dollars invested in imaginary assets evaporated into thin air.  In Copenhagen, the President, the Democratic Congress, and the parasitic global bureaucracy propose to set up vast markets trading in Carbon Dioxide, a naturally occurring gas which forms a vanishingly small percentage of the atmosphere, and that this entire multi-trillion dollar market in which your pension funds and other financial instruments will be inevitably intertwined will be based on some pointy-headed Eurocrat allocating permission to burn fuel…and you think this is a good idea?

What on earth is wrong with all of you?  Have you taken leave of your senses?  Who thinks up this kind of crap and more importantly, didn’t they get the memo that Global Warming, the Rock upon which the Religion of Global Bureaucracy is built, the Shining Promise to the Ruling Class of Make-Believe Jobs Now and Forever and To the Ages of Ages, is a hoax and nothing more than a shabby and now increasingly transparent attempt to put the unruly American spirit in its place?

If the magnitude of the duplicity involved in the hoax of climate change (now warming, now cooling) is not apparent to you now then you are either blind or willfully intent on destroying as much of our personal freedom as you possibly can.

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  1. Seriously, I know that you are working hard to pay off debts, and provide for your family. But jeez, making us wait a month between posts??? Where are your friggin priorities?

  2. Glen Beck much?

    (This is a ridiculous comment. You may not like Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh but they are, as I am, dead-on accurate about the Sun King Ra-Obama and the pack of weasels surrounding him. Open your fucking eyes. -PB)

  3. I liked your blog a lot more when it was about medicine. Even if you for some reason agree with Glenn Beck, there’s already someone out there sharing those views with the world: Glenn Beck. This has gone from being a unique perspective on the world of medicine to one the many, many frothing/obscene/party line political blogs.

  4. With the field of medicine (and its accompanying academic parents) becoming consumed by its own “liberalism”, this blog adds a welcome balance to the discussion of the world, from inside the medical profession – especially as healthcare has become the newest obsession and experiment among politicians.

  5. Hell yeah.

    Fingers crossed X’s and O’s that Ben Nelson is going to be a great beacon of rationality and kill the whole thing…. If he does, I’m sending him flowers and a check for 20 bucks. If not, he’s just another f@#$ing democrat.

  6. “…purpose of leftism is not to improve the human condition but to ensure, as Orwell warned, that a boot is stamping on the human face forever; in this case the boot is an over-reaching and out-of-control government intent on bludgeoning you into submission with a big brick of government cheese…”

    My God, man, you can spin a pretty phrase! Love it!

  7. “Global Warming, the Rock upon which the Religion of Global Bureaucracy is built, the Shining Promise to the Ruling Class of Make-Believe Jobs Now and Forever and To the Ages of Ages, is a hoax and nothing more than a shabby and now increasingly transparent attempt to put the unruly American spirit in its place?”

    Global warming a hoax?

    Oh, Panda. I am so sorry to see you so deceived. I know you are not uninformed as you take a great deal of pride in your education but you’re either reading all the wrong books or you’re reading the right ones with blinders on. There was a time when I thought you an independent thinker but now I see you’ve simply done a good job at hiding your true paranoid views from the rest of us.

    There comes a time in the lifespan of the well established scientific theories when you don’t really need to argue with those who disagree with you, you merely have to point to the preponderance of evidence that has been amassed and say, “Figure it out for yourself”. Good luck with the blog.

  8. Amen, Panda! Forget the Glenn Beck comments – when was the last time you cried in public like a girl, Marine? Never? I thought so. Thanks for two good rants. Worth the wait.

  9. I’ve seen DC from the inside. Let me tell you how it works.

    Politics can be defined in 6 words: “it’s all about who gets what.”

    That’s it. That’s all it is. That’s national politics, international politics and even local school board politics. Everything that government does comes down to those 6 words.

    Government creates nothing. At best it provides a stable regulatory framework within which other entities can create wealth. All government does is take someone’s money and spends it on behalf of someone else. Sometimes the beneficiaries are few (farm subsidies) and sometimes they’re “everyone” (fire department).

    How does government justify taking a larger piece of the economic pie? By creating an urgent need like an imminent climate apocalypse or people dying from lack of healthcare. Whatever the crisis du jour the answer always seems to require expanded government power and more tax revenue.

    That’s not paranoia, that’s just politics.

    Remember how the population “bomb” would cause global famine and the collapse of governments by the year 2000? Remember how the new ice age threatened us in the 1970s?

    Think of politicians as teenage girls, with a predisposition to create drama from nothing.

    As for the science of global warming. Scientists can’t reliably predict the temperature next month yet they can tell us to the tenth of a degree what the temperature will be in 50 years?

  10. Re: Doctor J, why is it that whenever someone argues against the propaganda, the response is resorting to calling names viz. paranoid? It’s so irritating, like trying to debate a nine year old. You should probably take a dose of your own medicine and look at the real evidence everyone’s trying to point at, but the blithering idiot masses refuse to acknowledge.

  11. You are right on. And I worry about you and yours when all this shit takes effect. My dad and bro had good livings off medicine. You? Not sure you have a prayer. Take care, brother.

  12. Nice flowery language about Obama. But opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. Next time try using a fact or two in your prose. You may be actually then taken seriously.

  13. But isn’t it odd that, when we begin to review the “settled” AGW “science,” we keep coming back to a handful of tree rings that tell us the Medieval Warm Period never existed, but that, in defiance of the instrumental record, it has been cooling for the last half century?

    Cherry picking, some may say,
    Is pleasant work and fine,
    But murky moil and toil it is
    When you’re hiding the decline.

    It appears that the Order of the Perpetually Malcontent is lurching back toward the center. You can bet that, when the clowns in Washington start to push for Cap and Trade and “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” they won’t be hosting any town hall meetings.

  14. I’ll admit, I was fooled. I thought Obama had the initiative and political backing to actually get something done but it has become a monstrous clusterfuck. Robert Samuelson (sp?) of Newsweek has a pretty good editorial this week about how Obama is totally screwing this up.

    Denmark might be full of idiots but for you to call global warming a hoax is like a chiropractor disregarding germ theory; is just sounds (and is) silly.

  15. Ridiculous posts deserve ridiculous comments. I understand your disagreement and skepticism, but you just sound unhinged with all the “Sun King” and “Mammary State” hyperbole. Calm, well reasoned arguments are more convincing than hysterical blathering. But it’s your blog, you can sound as silly as you want. Good luck in your medical career.

    (Bullshit. You’re just upset that yer’ boy Obama has turned out to be the empty suit I told you he was -PB)

  16. Hey Panda,

    I’m a first year medical student and have been reading your blog for a couple years now. Personally, I enjoy the politics. I was once caught up in some of the liberal ideas, but it was through your blog I was able to realize the lunacy I’d always suspected in healthcare for what it was. Over time, I’ve been able to identify it in much of society at-large.

    For the chicken littles, as far as I can tell we have at best a correlation between CO2 levels and temperature rise. And that seems to only be from manipulated data, the original copies of which have been deleted.

    The article below has a nice little recap of the history of Environmental Fear Mongering:

  17. First of all, I enjoy your writing immensely. I also understand that there is a limit to how much one can go on about unreliable historians and poor compliance in medicine. Furthermore, politics and medicine are in a complicated relationship these days.

    However, the concern about global warming is based on evidence that shows CO2 emissions are cumulative because if it is not in the atmosphere, it is in the oceans or polar ice caps which have a point of saturation. As the ice caps melt and the oceans become saturated with CO2, it is released into the atmosphere at a faster and faster rate. This is in addition to the ever-increasing number of cars on the road — look at India: a huge poulation with a burgeoning middle class with captalist values and a recently released economy car.

    (It’s a hoax. Don’t you follow the news? -PB)

    But thanks, Panda, for all your political insights on Obama. I really hope America doesn’t become Denmark. If it does, I’m moving there instead because at least they have cobblestone streets and good chocolate.

    One thing I’ve been pondering is whether or not I should aspire to an American medical education if I don’t believe in the new system. Furthermore, I wonder if the new system will stay in tact should Obama not get re-elected?

  18. As supposed to the idiot sellout Mc Cain, and his dumbfuck pet Palin…. I dont understand how an educated Man and Marine such as yourself agree with peoples like, Limbaugh – the drug addict, Beck and Hannity – College Dropouts. These guys walk around with eyes so tightly shut, they only thing they see is Distortion

    That is all your rant was: distortion. There was no reason, or critical thinking involved. This is why the GOP needs to rethink its next plan of attack against the dems. This crap that you, and those you agree with crow about will not work. You people are Ruining The GOP for the rest of us.

    (College is over-rated. To say that someone is stupid because they decided to eschew spending four years and fifty-thousand bucks obtaining what is now, at most universities and in most majors, an entirely worthless degree smacks of elitism and indicates to me that you have internalized the propaganda of the Governemnt-Education Complex. President Obama is a perfect example of a guy with Government Approved impeccable educational credentials who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. -PB)

  19. Panda

    Doesn’t health care reform start with individual responsibility and reform. Yesterday I cared for a person who came to the ER for a pregnancy test (Home test $3, ER visit $300) and another person who could not afford a $4 prescription while wearing a nicer watch and phone than me

  20. PB,

    Please stick to the liberalism that is inherent in medicine and don’t regress to the lunacy that is hard-lined conservatism. I noticed that you replied to a comment saying that Glenn has a clue as to what he’s talking about.

    Let me be clear in saying that the sludge Glenn Beck has spewed on his show over the years has such a bulbous amalgamation that anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. Obama’s health care reform is simply Clinton’s failure in disguise and no one can doubt that health care needs reform.

  21. lol ur fucking posts about politics should stop. like as soon as possible. i enjoy reading what you have to say about your medical career – bout spewing ignorance just makes me lose whatever amount of respect i had for you. honestly you should stop. you sound like a dumb fucking retard.

  22. fucking moron. global warming not legitimate? ur a fucking idiot. your blatant ignorance and naivity towards your shitty partys’ ideals baffles me. lol. read a fucking textbook you dumb ass fuck. people like you fucking disguest me.

  23. You son a of a bitch, you can’t just leave us hanging for months at a time. Write something! I know you’re itching to write a piece on the new health care legislation.

  24. Panda, would love to hear something new from you, on healthcare reform, Greece, whatever.

  25. Hey! PANDA BEAR! We don’t take kindly to your types in here!

    I wanna know something from Mr. “Panda Bear” here! If you pandas are from mountainous areas of China and Tibet, how come you eat bamboo which is prone to grow only in dryer more arid regions?!?!?

  26. PB, dead on! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and hearing your insight on various topics (both political and medical). I was hoping for some input if you’re still around!

    I am about to finish my obligation with the U.S. Army (don’t worry, no hard feelings!) almost 7 years. I am just beginning my undergrad studies (late! at 25 years old), with plans to continue onto medical school. Any tips for doing it all with a family?

  27. You are hilarious. Thanks for writing. I’m sharing a link to your blog with my friends.

    Even the vet is ridiculous about standard of care now. We spent $500 to find out my old crippled dog was going to die. I’m not sure why the vet felt it was important to know exactly what she was going to die from but we went along with their recommendations. Okay – I’m a dumb ass and I gave them some money and, in exchange, they gave me some hope. It didn’t last long. (Rest in peace, Big Dog.)

    Sickness, aging and death are hard. Write more Panda Bear.

  28. Panda,

    All of us at SDN hope you are doing well. You’re probably not checking this… but any kind of update about your professional life post-residency would be great.

    Hopefully now that you’re an attending you’ve made your peace with medicine.

  29. Hey Peanut Butter…has your mind morphed into the consistency of?? Global warming a hoax? You’re about as loony as our local weather man who claims it so….but this is Arizona where the educated person is like a needle in a haystack. HA! Maybe you can move here and contribute to making this state a bigger laughing stock than it is with your idiotic views.

  30. You have a lot of great pieces of writing on this blog.. but this anti-liberal, anti-science, anti-government garbage is below you.

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