This is a Caveat Free Blog

I have opinions. I will give them.  Some will disagree.

That’s fine.

But at no time will I ever use the ubiquitous “but” to soften the blow.  As in, “The hours in residency training blow and the pay is laughable….but….I sure am learning a lot and some of my attendings are swell!”

Supply your own “buts” as required.  If you want sunshine and candy I can refer you to any number of Smurf homage sites, not to mention any number of medical blogs which buy what The Man is selling.

A Word About The Man

From time to time you will hear me refer to The Man.  The Man is an amalgam of all those who accept and support the conventional wisdom of medical training. The Man looks at the traditional abuse of medical students and residents as a practice without which we could not possibly train doctors.  In fact, the biggest defeat The Man has suffered to date is the 80-hour-work-week and he is still smarting from it, licking his wounds and plotting how he’s going to circumvent all of those silly rules that prevent him from working residents like Tortugan sugar plantation slaves like they did in the good old days before they let all of the uppity non-tradtitional students into medical school.

One thought on “Danger

  1. I wish you would blog again. You truly inspire! I’m not in medicine but a VP I’m Corp America for a Fortune 100. There are so many similar observations it just leads me to believe how effed up America is becoming. And how stupid we are getting. Massive zombie epidemic with no leadership or just straight up Liberal Communist in charge. The individual thought leadership has been replaced with group think tanks. It will be interesting if Trump can turn this around and if the snowflake generation has the intellect and courage to follow. These elites are all banking on AI. Not sure if we would be better off with machines in charge or the pedophile evil leaders.

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